Physiotherapy Department

Physical Therapy is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical and scientific base and widespread clinical applications in the restoration, maintenance and promotion of optimal physical functions. This includes providing treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors.

All those who are referred to the centre at every stage of their care are entitled to an optimum level of physiotherapy helping them to be able to reach and enjoy optimum level of quality of life.

As such we are always upgrading our approach to maximize impact on patients and enhance its creativity and efficiency. Clearly defined preparatory requirements regarding personnel, space and apparatus, coupled with complete documentation of all therapy-related procedures is the criteria that ensures our high standard of quality.

We provide the following services :

Muscular skeletal rehab:

Neck pain Stroke
Lower back pain
Degenerative diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis
Fractures' post rehabilitation
Joint replacement rehabilitation
Sports injuries rehabilitation

Neurological rehab:

Head Injuries
Facial palsy

Cardiopulmonary rehab

Acute bronchial problems
Chronic lung diseases
Chest infections
Cardiac rehabilitation

Other services

Spinal evaluation
Back care
Antenatal & Postnatal care
Client education programs

Specialty of our services :

Modern and a comprehensive scientific apparatus-supported method for the analysis and improvement of the functional condition of the spine. Our centre provides spine rehabilitation for patients suffering from back and neck problems, including conditions such as low back pain, neck pain degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. The goal is to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility to alleviate pain and improve quality of life.

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